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Wholesale Orders

EcoWatt Energy offers wholesale arrangements to meet your business's energy needs. Our ordering process is streamlined and straightforward, ensuring easy access to our products.

Step One: Inquiry Submission
Contact our sales team at sales@ecowattenergy.com.au to express your interest in a wholesale purchase. Please provide details such as product specifications, quantities and any custom requirements.

Step Two: Custom Quotation
Based on your needs, we'll provide a tailored quotation outlining pricing, delivery timelines and payment terms.

Step Three: Order Confirmation
Once you review and approve the quotation, confirm your order with our team.

Step Four: Production and Quality Check
We ensure every product meets our exact standards before it leaves our warehouse.

Step Five: Delivery
Your order is packed with care and shipped to your designated location, complete with tracking information and after-sales support.

Fast Growing Business?

Let EcoWatt Energy handle your growing demand.

EcoWatt Energy's capabilities are designed to meet your business's needs efficiently. We ensure quick and accurate order fulfilment, no matter the scale of your demand. Trust EcoWatt Energy for reliability that scales with you.

Increase your storage with EcoWatt Energy's custom high-capacity 12V batteries. Designed to meet the robust needs of larger caravan/canopy fit-out applications, our batteries ensure that you have the reliable power needed for all your custom builds.

At EcoWatt Energy, our international logistics network is designed to bring you seamless, efficient delivery wherever your business is located. Simply let our team know where you would like your order delivered, and we will handle the rest.


EcoWatt Energy accepts custom orders with low minimum order quantities.
Please get in touch with our team to discuss any custom requirements.

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Why Choose EcoWatt Energy?

When you purchase a lithium-based product from EcoWatt Energy, you're choosing reliability, innovation & highlighting your strong commitment to the environment. All of our products are backed by exceptional customer service, after-purchase support and industry expertise! 

We're proud to be an Australian-operated company with a local team, serving the energy needs of individuals & businesses nationwide! Picture a world where your adventures are powered by confidence, reliability & exhilaration - that's the value we deliver! Unlock a world of possibilities with EcoWatt Energy!


We're dedicated to reducing people's carbon footprints & minimising environmental impact through our clean and green portable energy solutions.

Seamless Adventuring

Experience outdoor adventuring & off-grid living like never before with our range of reliable and robust lithium-based products!

Premium Quality

Our focus is on delivering lasting quality and reliability with premium lithium products and accessories that can be trusted in any situation.


Our product range is designed to cater to diverse needs. Whether you're an avid camper, off-grid explorer, or simply seeking a dependable backup power source, we have a solution for you!


We constantly push the boundaries of innovation to bring you the latest advancements in lithium energy technology! Access cutting-edge products here at EcoWatt Energy.

Customer-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We provide excellent customer support and easy-to-understand product information to help you make informed choices when it comes to our lithium product ranges.